Monday, June 1, 2009

Grandmas night!!!

Here they are: Ray, Summer Jo, Amalee, Maggie, Ellie, and Taycee. They are watching Bambi.
And here they are enjoying the homemade chocolate cookies, of course that is after pizza.

They totally loved the homemade playdough. And they even got to pick their own color!!! :)

We had so much fun!
I love grandmas night. They love eachother, and this gives them an opportunity to be together. I need to be more consistant and do them every month. Maggie and Ellie didn't spend the night, they are not quite ready, although Maggie will next time I think.


Abram and Ashley said...

ok so Ellie is catching up to Amalee in height. Amalee needs some miracle grow!!!

alina said...

what a sweet grandma to have all those little munchkins over!

poor Ray, surrounded by all those girls! (its like Ivy up here, surrounded by all boys!) it will be great when William and Ray can play together and Ivy can join in on all the girl action!