Monday, June 1, 2009

More Grandmas night!!!

At first Ellie didn't want anything to do with the playdough, but eventually she loved playing with her cousins, and the playdough.

In the morning, after our Krispy Kremes trip, which I forgot the camera, oops, :( we went swimming. They loved it. Of course we didn't have Maggie or Ellie anymore.

Here are Taycee Summer, Amalee, and Ray. After Krispy Kremes we stoppped at the dollar store and they each got to get 1 thing, Here they are with their choices: Taycee: fake nails, Summer Jo: Bug catcher, Amalee: polly pocket, and Ray: water squirter.

They all loved doing puzzles, we did this before we began our pizza, playdough, cookies, etc...They love eachother so much, and look forward to the times they can be together. I am so glad that Abram told me about His grandma, and that she did this. I am a lucky grandma to have such wonderful grandchildren, that love to be with me too. I know eventually each one will not want to come, but that is a ways away I hope.

Grandmas night!!!

Here they are: Ray, Summer Jo, Amalee, Maggie, Ellie, and Taycee. They are watching Bambi.
And here they are enjoying the homemade chocolate cookies, of course that is after pizza.

They totally loved the homemade playdough. And they even got to pick their own color!!! :)

We had so much fun!
I love grandmas night. They love eachother, and this gives them an opportunity to be together. I need to be more consistant and do them every month. Maggie and Ellie didn't spend the night, they are not quite ready, although Maggie will next time I think.