Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The blow hole in La Bufadora

This was so much fun. The tide goes in and out quickly, and every few minutes you get a huge spray of water. If you look over the edge and down, it is a long drop, so the water spray is wonderful to watch, and you can get quite wet.

Cruise to Ensenada Mexico

Julie chilling on the deck by the pool. It was overcast and kinda cold, so no swimming for us.
This is Julie and Jenna in La Bufadora (I'm sure I spelled it wrong) or you can call it the blow hole. They loved shopping here.

This is the ship Elation that we were on. Man it was fun, but 3 days is not long enough.

Julie and Jenna.

This is Julie and Jenna on the top deck. Julie has her new purse she bought in La Bufadora.

Dawn's Primary Learning Center went to Superstition Dairy!!! Fun!!!

The kids lined up to feed the horse a carrot. They were kinda scared but they did it anyway, and then they loved it. The horse was so good with the kids.

Jarae did an awesome job feeding the horse.

The kids got to feed the goats with their hands through the fence. Some of them were more afraid to do this than feeding the horse.

My class from left to right: Annie, Connor, Alexis, Taytum, Maggie, Emmalee, Summer Jo, Amalee, Karstin, Teagan, Jarae, and Carson.

This is when we were in a class to learn about what they do at the dairy. The man asked them if they like ice cream. They of course raised their hands for that one. There was another school at the dairy too. Not all of those kids are in my class. Thanks so much to my parents for chaperoning. They were so much help. We had so much fun, and the ice cream was so good too.

Rebekah and Bryleigh on her blessing day.

This is the dress that I made for my brother Allan's baby girl Bryleigh. This is Rebekah and Bryleigh after the blessing at their house in Redlands. We were lucky to be able to attend.

If you like this dress, and would like to have one made, let me know. I will tell you how much and you can decide fabric and color of accents. This was fun to make, and I love making blessing dresses.