Monday, June 1, 2009

More Grandmas night!!!

At first Ellie didn't want anything to do with the playdough, but eventually she loved playing with her cousins, and the playdough.

In the morning, after our Krispy Kremes trip, which I forgot the camera, oops, :( we went swimming. They loved it. Of course we didn't have Maggie or Ellie anymore.

Here are Taycee Summer, Amalee, and Ray. After Krispy Kremes we stoppped at the dollar store and they each got to get 1 thing, Here they are with their choices: Taycee: fake nails, Summer Jo: Bug catcher, Amalee: polly pocket, and Ray: water squirter.

They all loved doing puzzles, we did this before we began our pizza, playdough, cookies, etc...They love eachother so much, and look forward to the times they can be together. I am so glad that Abram told me about His grandma, and that she did this. I am a lucky grandma to have such wonderful grandchildren, that love to be with me too. I know eventually each one will not want to come, but that is a ways away I hope.

Grandmas night!!!

Here they are: Ray, Summer Jo, Amalee, Maggie, Ellie, and Taycee. They are watching Bambi.
And here they are enjoying the homemade chocolate cookies, of course that is after pizza.

They totally loved the homemade playdough. And they even got to pick their own color!!! :)

We had so much fun!
I love grandmas night. They love eachother, and this gives them an opportunity to be together. I need to be more consistant and do them every month. Maggie and Ellie didn't spend the night, they are not quite ready, although Maggie will next time I think.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend at Colorado River

Ashley, Dallin, and Summer Jo just enjoying, sleeping through the ride! :)

Taycee loved the water, she was a water baby!

Ashley skiing. She loves it, but doesn't get much opportunity to go, with having babies, and being so busy! We loved watching her go!

Amalee loves being on the boat, and goes every chance she gets. She even went tubing with Julie and Jenna.

Julie, Taycee and Jenna having fun in the sun!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Women's Conference

Wow! I wish I had gone before. I didn't know about it for a long time, and then when I did, I couldn't get away from work. I wish I knew that the girls only needed to be 16 to go. I took Julie with me, she loved it, and so did I. I feel spiritually energized, and ready to go. I love my Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. I love the prophet and his apostles. I just love the gospel and feel blessed to be a member of his church. OH how spiritually fed I became. I could leave the world for 2 days, and renew myself with words of wisdom. I wish this was more often. If you haven't been, you would love it. If you have been, I know you know what I am talking about. Julie and I will always try to go every year. Next year, we are all going. My daughters and I. Exciting!!!!

Julie and I went to Women's Conference in Provo.

The flowers were so beautiful at the Salt Lake Temple. We stayed for hours just watching couples come out of the temple, and enjoying the weather, and the beauty of the temple grounds.

Someday that will be Julie, but of course not in Utah, at the Mesa Temple.

It was a tad bit cold, but oh how we enjoyed it.

Don't we look happy, and relaxed? We were!

R U Prepared?

Food Storage Party
When: May 12th 6:30pm
Where: 739 N Racine Cir.
Mesa, AZ 85205
rsvp: 480-686-0531 Ashley or 480-252-3453 Dawn
This is what will be talked about:
Shelf Stable Milk- not powder milk
monthly specials
water storage
72 hr. kits
emergency cooking
storing in buckets
square foot gardening
freeze-dried foods
You will be able to taste the milk ( Ashley tried it and so have her girls and it is really good!) You will also get to taste the freeze-dried food. ( Ashley's girls have these for snacks)
I hope to see lots of people! This is going to be so fun!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Newest Grandson, Baby Justin

Baby Justin Hargrave came into the world early this morning at 3:47 a.m. weighing 8 pds. 2.1 ounces, 201/2 inches long. He is beautiful, healthy and strong. He has the cutest little cry.

I was so privileged to witness this birth. Kristina did a wonderful job, and both are doing awesome. He is such a cutie. We love our new grandson so much. Congrats Kristina and Justin!!!

Beautiful little princesses in Easter dresses

This is Amalee, and Maggie in their new dresses, made by grandma Spier
This is Ellie in her new dress!

This is Summer Jo in her dress.

Taycee posing! Isn't she adorable!!!

Mollee, Taycee, Summer Jo, and Ellie

I totally loved making these dresses for my sweet granddaughters!!!

My Prek Kids

They had so much fun making their bunny masks, and wearing them for the Easter Egg Hunt. They had a wonderful day.

Beginning with the back row, left to right. By the way, Summer Jo helped me by telling me who was who. In the masks some of them were harder than others.
Alexis, Annie, Emmalee, Jarae, Teagan, Connor, Summer Jo, Karstin, Ellie, Amalee, Taytum, Maggie.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The blow hole in La Bufadora

This was so much fun. The tide goes in and out quickly, and every few minutes you get a huge spray of water. If you look over the edge and down, it is a long drop, so the water spray is wonderful to watch, and you can get quite wet.

Cruise to Ensenada Mexico

Julie chilling on the deck by the pool. It was overcast and kinda cold, so no swimming for us.
This is Julie and Jenna in La Bufadora (I'm sure I spelled it wrong) or you can call it the blow hole. They loved shopping here.

This is the ship Elation that we were on. Man it was fun, but 3 days is not long enough.

Julie and Jenna.

This is Julie and Jenna on the top deck. Julie has her new purse she bought in La Bufadora.

Dawn's Primary Learning Center went to Superstition Dairy!!! Fun!!!

The kids lined up to feed the horse a carrot. They were kinda scared but they did it anyway, and then they loved it. The horse was so good with the kids.

Jarae did an awesome job feeding the horse.

The kids got to feed the goats with their hands through the fence. Some of them were more afraid to do this than feeding the horse.

My class from left to right: Annie, Connor, Alexis, Taytum, Maggie, Emmalee, Summer Jo, Amalee, Karstin, Teagan, Jarae, and Carson.

This is when we were in a class to learn about what they do at the dairy. The man asked them if they like ice cream. They of course raised their hands for that one. There was another school at the dairy too. Not all of those kids are in my class. Thanks so much to my parents for chaperoning. They were so much help. We had so much fun, and the ice cream was so good too.

Rebekah and Bryleigh on her blessing day.

This is the dress that I made for my brother Allan's baby girl Bryleigh. This is Rebekah and Bryleigh after the blessing at their house in Redlands. We were lucky to be able to attend.

If you like this dress, and would like to have one made, let me know. I will tell you how much and you can decide fabric and color of accents. This was fun to make, and I love making blessing dresses.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Julie and Matt

Julie and Matt in the snow, about a month before his mission. They had so much fun!!!
Matt and Julie outside his ward building after his farewell talk on Sunday, January 25th! Julie misses him so much already, but knows he is where he is supposed to be.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Mollee just love being the older cousin. She loves to hold Dallin any chance she gets!