Thursday, December 25, 2008

Funny Act

We did Christmas Acts this year! Here is (from left to right) Deena, Julie, and Mom!


We all were laughing! Sorry if the video is a bit unsteady!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Krispy Kreme field trip

These preschoolers had so much fun getting a tour of Krispy Kreme! This first picture is of the class waiting to go where all the donuts are made!
Watching the donuts cook then get frosted!

If you can't tell... all the kids are looking at the donuts that were already made and choosing which one they want!

This is the front view of the kids choosing what they want!

Mrs. Spier with her class!
From the left: Sammy, Summer Jo, Alexis, Connor, Emmalee, Jarae, Amalee, Cameron, Taytum, and Maggie in the front.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving pictures!

Deena with 2 of her kids, Ray 3, and Mollee 9. Justin, Kristina, Taycee, and Summer Jo.
Julie with her boyfriend Matt.

Ashley, Abram, Dallin 7 weeks old, Maggie 2, and Amalee 4.

Rebekah, Allan, Trevyr (I don't think the spelling is right, but I know his name has a y in it. sorry), Tristyn, and Trentyn. I hope I got the spelling right in the kids names!!!

Wow!! All 6 kids together!!!

I loved having all my kids together, and of course better, to have my camera with me. Or should I say Julie's camera. Look at cute little Ellie in the yellow sweater, cute huh!!!! Ellie is Mike's daughter, she is 16 months old. Youngest to oldest: left to right: Julie 18, Gregory 21, Ashley 24, Michael 26, Kristina 27, and Deena 29!! Wow, how time has flown by. I can't believe I have no kids in high school, and I have almost 12 grandchildren. Kristina is due in April 09 with a baby boy! We are excited. Right now we have 4 grandson, and 7 granddaughters, but soon 5 grandsons!!

preschool with Matt's puppies, and Thanksgiving feast.

The kids loved the puppies. They had so much fun petting them, and letting them lick their hands, and holding them in their laps. Thanks Matt for bringing them to show and tell.

The kids loved making their own vest out of grocery bags, and then coloring them to add their own touch. They also loved having a new indian head band too. They enjoyed all the yummy food that their parents donated for our yummy feast.