Monday, September 22, 2008

Zoo trip, fun, fun, fun in the water!!!

Ellie totally loves the water, even if it is in her face!!!
I think she will always love the zoo trips!!!

These 3 love the water, Summer Jo thought
that I was going to put her down the slide, so
she was not a happy camper in the picture,
she is way left, only her left leg is in the picture.

Summer in front of the little water fall. She thought that was great!!!

Amalee and Maggie were doing the spider crawl. They were so funny.

Taycee the artist!!!

I thought this was so cute!!
She drew a picture of her Aunt Julie and Julies' boyfriend Matt.
The funny part is, look how tall Julie is.
Matt is 6 ft 4, and Julie is only 5 ft 2. ha ha!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This is my sweet class this year. I just love them. They are so eager to learn, and of course so fun to teach. They have so much energy, I wish I could bottle their energy in a jar, and take some every morning. I couldn't have asked for a better group of kids. I am so lucky!!!

My Preschool class picture

Monday, September 8, 2008

Zoo trip!!! FUN, FUN in the SUN!!!

Here the girls are in a clam! Aren't they cute! Julie with Ellie in front of the Giraffe's

Zoo trip with Ashley, Amalee, Maggie, Summer Jo, Julie, Matt, Me (Dawn), Ellie

This is Maggie, Summer Jo, Amalee, and Ellie. 4 of my 7 granddaughters came to the zoo with me, Ashley, Julie, and her boyfriend Matt. We had fun, even though it was a bit hot. We went on a good day, the animals were all out, playing, and we had a blast watching the girl's faces. They loved it. Look at Ellie's face, she smiled all day.

Pics from the Beach and Duke's.

Herman and I at Huntington Beach. & Julie, Taycee, and Summer Jo before the wedding!!

Kristina, Julie, Summer, and Samantha at Duke's.

Allan and Rebekah's wedding

Allan and Rebekah eating a snack! Their 1st dance as Hubby and Wifey!

Still dancing, they danced quite a bit, you can tell they are in love!!! Inger and Bob after the wedding at Dukes restaurant at the front of the peer.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On the Labor Day River run we only had Mike, Chelsea, Ellie, Julie, Greg, and Herman and I. As for friends we had Julie's boyly friend Matt, and Matt's friend Bulley. On Friday night my Nephew Ben and his wife Sarah, their son Seth, and baby girl Tegan arrived, and then on Sunday my nephew Shawn and his wife Denise, and their daughter Riley came, with some of their friends too. So we had a nice group. But we missed our other kids, they were busy this weekend. We did have a blast though. If you want to come with us (anyone) let us know, and we will see what we can do. Fun Fun in the Sun!!!

Julie had a Syrup Party

Julie is center, in the red shirt. Her boyfriend Matt is to the left in the Yellow shorts.

The girls each had 2 bottles of strawberry syrup to get the boys with.

The boys each had one bottle of chocolate to get the girls with. They had a blast.

Cute Video of Ellie at the River


River Run 2008 Labor Day Weekend

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