Saturday, June 28, 2008

JULIE'S last EFY at NAU 2008

Julie with Sara (her best friend) and a new friend, Richie.

Julie and Nathan, a friend she hasn't seen since her elementary days at Noah Webster. They were excited when they saw eachother at EFY
More of Julie and Richie, and I don't exactly remember this boys name. Julie saw lots of friends from her ward, and she also saw Jennifer Harms, from our old ward. She loved her last year.

Julie at graduation in May 2008, and with Sara Lusk.

Julie and me, and Herman and Julie at graduation at Red Mountain High School.

Look at Greg's feet. He broke both of them at the river trip on Saturday, May 10th. Oh, and it was Herman's birthday too. He tried a back flip while wakeboarding, didn't land it quite right, and this is what can happen, so sad, for Greg!!!